Elnaz Seyedi Jessica Ekomane Jako Maron DJ Marfox Tisha Mukarji Maurice Louca

Tribute to Whistle

Sound installation for six 8-channel pieces for whistle

Politics needs emotional intelligence. How does it take shape?
In the sound installation tribute to whistle six musical pieces with their distinct subjectivities share a space to perpetually form a sociality as they overlap, intersect, collide and merge in different intensities. None of them is in full control, nor is there a timer synchronising them. While at moments silences occur between them – equally uncontrollable – at other moments the sound accumulates to a sudden density. Each piece unfolds a unique three-dimensionality in the space, as the ensemble of their eight speakers is arranged in a distinct way. Visually each ensemble can be traced by following the diverging cables. The dominant, often sole instrument of the pieces is the whistle.


Excerpt from “Entre chien et loup”*

* The complete essay is published in the book Ankersentrum (surviving in the ruinous ruin).

The return of the wolves is not without its history. The human’s relationship with the wolf oscillates between fascination and competition, expressed in various myths, figures and stories. The myth of the werewolf—the metamorphosis of a human being into a bloodthirsty wolf(man)—is infused with fear and fascination. From the 13th to the 17th century, this belief is so strong in Europe that alleged werewolves are burned at the stake in the course of witch-hunts.

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