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beyond repair: LECTURE PERFORMANCE & WORKSHOP by egan chan and stefan pente

carte blanche (white marble mistakes)

Tracing lineages of the white marble sculpture from antiquity to the renaissance, we observe white marble’s influence on representations of whiteness, idealized (white, male) bodies, as well as the facilitation of contemporary white supremacist thought. We navigate questions surrounding bodies which sit heroicized in collective consciousness – youthful, heteronormative, cisgender, white – and individual bodies with their capabilities, limitations, sensualities etc. shaped and determined by the subject.
egan chan & stefan pente – artform: performance / visual art; place of birth: boat; year of birth: twenty eighteen; homebase: Berlin / Singapore; ethnicity: none; gender: trouble (biographies borrowed from http://bioswop.net)

The event will take place at Orto delle Vignole.
Shuttle service from Vaporetto station Certosa available. Please confirm your attendance at beyondrepair@possest.de