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beyond repair: roundtable

A roundtable on European border regimes, agricultural-industrial complex, worker’s rights, culture of deportation, resistance and migrant self-organisation – with contributions by Aino Korvensyrjä, Rex Osa, David Jassey, Jean-René Bilongo, Alessandro Dessí,and Marco Omizzolo.

Invisible – migrant labour struggle in the food

talk by Jean-René Bilongo, Alessandro Dessí,
Marco Omizzolo

Culture of Deportation. Surviving the European
asylum system

talk by David Jassey, Aino Korvensyrjä, Rex Osa


David Jassey is a migrant rights’ activist campaigning for asylum seekers’ rights.

Aino Korvensyrjä is a social scientist researching German asylum and deportation policy and a campaigner on migration justice based in Berlin and Helsinki.

Rex Osa is a refugee activist and migrant counsellor based in Stuttgart. For more than a decade he has been active in nationwide self-organized networks and grassroots struggles for refugee rights in Germany. Since 2018 Jassey, Korvensyrjä and Osa have worked together on various campaigns against police violence in Southern German asylum camps.

Marco Omizzolo is a sociologist, a researcher for Eurispes and Amnesty and scientific director of In Migrazione. Author of many national and international texts on immigration and labor exploitation with particular reference to the phenomenon of caporalato in the province of Latina related to the Indian Sikh community.

Jean-René Bilongo organized the strike of migrant workers in Castel Volturno and now is engaged with the trade union (Flai Cgil).

Alessandro Dessí is an Environmental Scientist by background, with a passion for natural and cultural biodiveristy, and for sustainable development. He worked for Universities and NGOs, in several kinds of projects across the Mediterranean Region and in Latin America, dealing with the sustainable management of natural resources, coastal and mainland ecosystems, protected areas, agriculture, rural development and climate change.
As project manager, he carried out awareness raising projects dealing with food sovereignty and small-scale food producers. In the last years, he has been engaged in programmes facing humanitarian, asylum seekers, IDPs and environmental crises, in Italy and other countries.