Elnaz Seyedi Jessica Ekomane Jako Maron DJ Marfox Tisha Mukarji Maurice Louca

Tribute to Whistle

Sound installation for six 8-channel pieces for whistle

Politics needs emotional intelligence. How does it take shape?
In the sound installation tribute to whistle six musical pieces with their distinct subjectivities share a space to perpetually form a sociality as they overlap, intersect, collide and merge in different intensities. None of them is in full control, nor is there a general clock synchronising them. While at moments silences occur between them – equally uncontrollable – at other moments the sound accumulates to sudden density. Each piece unfolds a unique three-dimensionality in the space, as the ensemble of their eight speakers is arranged in a distinct way. Each ensemble can be traced by following the diverging cables.

48 speakers
6 amplifiers
6 audio players
diverse speaker cable

Musical contributions by:

Jessica Ekomane
Maurice Louca
DJ Marfox
Jako Maron
Tisha Mukarji
Elnaz Seyedi

Jessica Ekomane

I. Off-shore (Largo – Allegro – Allegretto)
a) moderato 1:56 min. b) vivace 0:47 min. c) duet 0:32 min. d) Calling all, this is our last cry before our eternal silence 1:27 min. (2019)

II. Message to the Youth(2019)
2.48 min
“Four pieces presenting two fictional scenarios, based on the idea of using the whistle as a communication tool for self-organization, by re-appropriating and re-purposing law enforcement tools and techniques.”

I. Off-shore (Largo – Allegro – Allegretto)
“Three pieces using the Boatswain’s call as a sound source. This loud and high-pitched whistle is used by the Navy to pass commands to the crew in situations when the voice could not be heard over the sounds of the sea.

I imagined two to four people piping their coordinates to each other from each side of the Central Mediterranean Route. They end on the sentence ‘Calling all. This is our last cry before our eternal silence’ – the final message transmitted by the French navy when the morse code was internationally abandoned.”

II. Message to the Youth
“A group of four young people warning of police presence by using dog whistles to secretly whistle the note A-C-A-B.”

Maurice Louca
no title (2019)
8:44 min.

DJ Marfox
Ring Ring (2019)
6:46 min.
Produced by DJ Marfox, additional Production and Mastering DJ N.K.

Jako Maron
Léspwar saviré (part 1 & part 2) (2019)
9:36 min.

Tisha Mukarji
Petra-pan for 4 tin whistles, blackbird whistle, Birkhahn, lark whistle, nose flute, clarinet and piano (2019)
9:30 min.
Performed by Kai Fagaschinski and Ute Wassermann

“Petra-pan is a pan that would emanate from stone, what does panic sound like in the face of stone? The piece is structured with 24 sections of 22 and a half seconds that are the divisions of the hours of the day, Pan appears at midday and midnight. As James Hillman describes in his Essay on Pan: ‘Noon like mid night is a moment of transition and, like midnight, daybreak and sunset, a radix of primordial orientation for what might be called the symbolic clock. These are the moments when time stands still, when the orderly procession of moments disrupts. So must certain things be accomplished before the cock’s crow at dawn, or the stroke of midnight, or before night falls. At these moments time is broken through by something extraordinary, something beyond the usual order.’ There is a musical coincidence with a 290 year delay, J.S. Bach’s Pan BWV 201 where one finds the dancing and wobbling heart, perhaps the 24 pieces of the day wobble the order of time, so wackelt das Herz…

Elnaz Seyedi
awakening (2018–19)
7:00 min.
Whistles: Rie Watanabe